The Top 10 Reasons to Choose IGNITE

  1. We know technology: Up and down, inside and out, no matter how complex, we know technology and that gives us a head start. You won’t waste time or money bringing us up to speed on your business.
  2. We provide senior-level experience:  We won’t land you as a client and then pass you off to junior associates. Everyone on the IGNITE team has years of experience and we’ve all got your back.
  3. We deliver results: This is where the rubber meets the road. We drive to measurable results that everyone – from your CEO, to your Board, to your shareholders – will see and appreciate.
  4. We’ve been where you are now: We’ve led IR, PR and Marketing Communications teams inside companies and worked with agencies from around the world.  We’ve worked with promising start-ups, to emerging growth companies, to large-cap powerhouses, and chances are, no matter where you are in your company’s lifecycle, we can take you to the next level and beyond.
  5. We know how to execute successful communications strategies: From media and analyst relations, to corporate communications, to product launches, to crisis management, to social media campaigns, to strategic investor targeting, IPOs and M&A. Whatever your challenge, we’ll tackle it with a strategic approach, innovative solutions and flawless execution.
  6. We know how to tell your story: We know how to talk about your products and services – no matter how complex – without putting people to sleep. We turn your messaging into compelling storytelling, and then we deliver it via every appropriate channel.
  7. We’ve got great industry contacts: We have great relationships with influencers, from industry analysts, to business and trade media contacts, to financial analysts and institutional investors. We can open doors for you and turn that into results.
  8. We utilize a proven process: We apply a proven process to develop thoughtful strategies and proactive tactics that take your challenges and transform them into triumphs.
  9. We value relationships: When you work with us, you get more than a vendor; you get a partner who cares as passionately about your success as you do. You may start as a client, but we predict we’ll end up as friends.
  10. We love what we do:  The tougher the challenge, the better we like it. Let’s get started!

"IGNITE Consulting understands technology and added immediate value to our business – accelerating coverage, leads and sales demand the first quarter they came on board. Their consistent, results-oriented style has helped us increase our position in the market. They are a true strategic partner."

– Molly Rector, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Spectra Logic